About Us

Over the last decade, an alarming number of professing Christians have left the church due to their exposure to teaching that causes them to question the very reliability of Scripture, the authenticity of Christianity, and even the historicity of Jesus the Messiah. Many of these people have simply not found Christianity sufficient to address their immediate needs and concerns, and as a result have turned to various other religions and cults which vie for the minds of Christians, particularly young Urbanites and Millenials. These other religions and cults present their teachings as the spiritual solution for the vacuum left by the church’s failure to equip believers apologetically with biblical and historical answers to the questions and issues troubling them.

At UrbanLogia Ministries, we seek to equip pastors, teachers, parents, and students, with detailed knowledge about the various theologies, ideologies, and worldviews that oppose the Christian faith. This knowledge is necessary to combat erroneous teaching which is not rooted in biblical truth or historical accuracy, and as a result is misleading, spiritually and socially dangerous, as well as heretical.

Damon Richardson, the founder of UrbanLogia Ministries, is a highly sought after speaker, Bible teacher and Christian Urban Apologist. He was born in Queens, NY, raised in Clearwater FL, and now lives with his wife and children in Atlanta, GA. Damon lived his formative years as a Muslim and practiced the tenets of Islam through the teachings of Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam, until he became a born again believer of Jesus Christ at the age of 16, and began preaching a year later.

It is Damon’s hope and prayer that by deconstructing false ideas about Christianity, you will be better able to articulate the basis of your faith, and point Millennials, Urbanites, and other searching Christians to God’s word, and the gospel of Jesus Christ as the only answer to the needs of all humanity.