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Welcome to UrbanLogia

UrbanLogia is an urban apologetics and urban theological based Bible teaching ministry that aims to equip believers to correctly interpret and understand Scripture, to intelligently answers questions about the Christian faith with well researched facts and greater confidence, and to develop a clear biblical worldview, particularly for believers who are confronted with the ideological challenges of an urban context.

Dispel the myths & untruths

Dispel the myths & untruths

Get equip to intelligently articulate the basis of your faith. UrbanLogia wants to empower you to defend the faith.

Your Media Resource

Your Media Resource

Go to our video page to get breakdowns of various subjects in Christianity. Hot topics from Tithing to the origin of Hermeneutics.

Support Our Ministry

Support Our Ministry

Every penny will go to creating new lessons for you. You can also receive tax credit when filling your taxes for supporting this non-profit.

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